Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My thoughts on Live 8

I am totally struggling with the whole idea of Live 8. I think that there is a place for musicians to use their position and clout to help make things happen, like raising money through giving their talents for a good cause, which many did through Live Aid. However, I question their ability to effect change in the political arena, which seems to be the general idea here. I also think that, unless there is a sea change in the governing policies of many African nations, which can only be effected through the leadership of first-world countries finding ways to work with African leadership to get aid to those who need it most. There is also a place for people in missions to serve those in the greatest need. I would much rather see the performers on the bill spend a month in Africa using funds they've earned from their talents as well as their connections to effect real change in the needy countries.

John Derringer of Q107 echoes some of those sentiments (and says a whole lot more)here.

I hope that those attending the concert July 2 have a good time. I doubt that many of them will do anything more than they are doing today to promote helping the people of Africa, whose need will be just as dire July 3.