Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Been a while

So, there's lots to report........

His Hands Outstretched

If you have a couple of free hours on May 7, a number of Hamilton inner-city churches are banding together to do some cleanup work in the downtown core. It will be happening during the morning, and information is available from Philpott's website.

This week's TV commentary:

American Idol:

Really sad to see Anwar go last week. This week was a big surprise as only Bo and Vonzell seemed to really deliver. Anthony did a not-bad job on a Celine Dion tune, but Constantine singing Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" was TERRIBLE. Carrie was only OK, but Scott pretty much assured himself a ticket out. A flat, lifeless rendition of "Dance With My Daddy" (or something like that) was made worse by the fact he was last to sing, which makes his performance more memorably bad. Bottom 3 tonight are Constantine, Scott and Anthony, with Scott leaving.

This has been, hands-down, the best AI season of the four. Unfortunately, I think the wrong person will win, as it really does look like a Constantine-Carrie final. Carrie is pretty much bulletproof, as evidenced by her butchering "Love Is A Battlefield" a couple of weeks ago and not even winding up in the bottom 3. Same for Constantine, although he definitely needs a wake-up call after last night. The real final should be Vonzell-Bo, who have consistently shown the ability to sing well regardless of the song. Vonzell was a true performer last night, as she overcame some minor pitchiness early in her song to build it up well and bring the audience to their feet when she hit the bridge. I think she should win. I think this is how it goes: Scott leaves tonight, Anthony next week, then Bo followed by Vonzell and Consantine loses the final. Carrie wins and Simon is proved to be eerily psychic, since he predicted her win 6 weeks ago.


Christine and I started watching this show three weeks ago and we're hooked. Hugh Laurie is awesome as the mean-spirited Dr. House, the cases are very challenging (that gets Christine's attention), and the supporting cast is great fun. Plus, the show focuses on one case and the relationship between cranky House, his bosses (who can't stand him as a person, but have tremendous respect fo his ability) and House's young doctors. A great hour of TV and you betcha I'm looking for it when it hits on DVD.

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition:

Christine and I came across this about 2 months ago. We now make sure to catch it every Sunday night. I cannot think of a more positive, uplifting show on TV today. Ty Pennington (formerly a carpenter on Trading Spaces) leads a team that demolishes the old, decrepit houses of folks who, despite unbelievable challenges, continue to give of themselves, and builds them spectacular new homes in just 7 days. We have yet to watch an episode that doesn't bring tears to our eyes. This show makes me want to hook up with Habitat for Humanity and help out.

The Wire

If you like cop drama and adult drama like "The Sopranos", I suggest you get your hands on this HBO show. Created by David Simon, one of the brains behind "Homicide, Life on the Street", this is a raw look at how cops fight crime in Baltimore. Season 1 dealt with a single case, bringing down Avon Barksdale and his drug empire. Season 2 carries on with the fallout of season 1 as well as a new case on the docks. Dominic West is great as the damaged, raw, brilliant detective Jimmy McNulty and the supporting cast is very, very good and littered with familiar faces from "Homicide". It is available on TMN, but I recommend getting your hands on the DVD. The Hamilton Public Library has the first two seasons available to borrow, assuming you, like me, can't afford to spend $110 for each season. Be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.

My baseball season (GO SHOOTERS) starts in three weeks and I am seriously amped. Sadly, I cannot make practice because of prior commitments, but I'll be ready to go when the first pitch is thrown May 16.

Also, if anyone reading is available this Sunday morning to help with a move, leave me a note in the comments and I'll get in touch with you.