Thursday, April 14, 2005


American Idol

So, Christine and I called it right this week. Buh-bye, Nadia. A victim of HORRIBLE song choice. When Randy-freakin'-Jackson doesn't recognize the song, you can pretty much call it done.

So I did pretty good on my top 8, getting 5 right (Anwar, Anthony and Constantine for the guys, Nadia and Vonzell for the girls). I had no idea when I put the top 8 together that Bo and Carrie were that good, cause they were easy top 8's.

I am getting more and more impressed with Vonzell and Constantine. It is a very real possibility that those two will be the finalists, since they are the ones showing constant improvement week-to-week. Constantine's "Bohemian Rhapsody" this week was, as Simon stated, ASTONISHING. I was a bit surprised to see Bo in the bottom 3 and even more shocked to see Scott there, since he brought the awesome with the Hall and Oates tune "She's Gone". Carrie should have definitely been there after wrecking "Love is a Battlefield". At this level, mixing up the words should be unforgiveable.

So, I'll roll the dice and predict a final four of Constantine, Vonzell, Anwar and Carrie. It will all depend largely on the themes week-to-week. I only have Carrie coming through due to the fact that, if this week's performance won't run her, then only the loss of her voice will do it. But she won't win.