Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Recap of season finales

So, I watched six and a half season finales this year. Here's a quick recap:

American Idol: Really disappointed that Carrie won, but Bo will be OK. Finale was pretty good as they had a lot of fun and even gave some of the worst auditions a chance to be involved in the finale. Having said that, they COULD have wrapped it up in an hour. Really good season overall with some big-time talent (Constantine, Vonzell and Bo should all wind up with records) and some great Ford commercials. Finale 5/10, season 8/10.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Done totally right, as they treat the finale as just another episode as Ray goes in for a tonsillectomy and everyone has a scare as Ray is bit slow coming out of the anasthesia. The most brilliant comedy ensemble cast of the past 10 years bows out with one last great episode as part of an awesome run to the finish ("The Power of No" made my top 5 of all time). I'll miss this show, but will definitely pick up the DVDs (First 3 seasons are already out). Finale 8/10, season 9/10.

CSI New York: Good finale, as the story is a tricky one involving a counterfeiting ring that gets exposed when the bad guys try to meet at Mac's favourite coffee shop. Also set up some important relational issues for season 2, as it looks like Mac may get a girlfriend (Penelope Ann Miller made an appearance in the finale) and a good bit of time will be spent further developing the Mac/Danny storyline. Good first season for the show and it got much better once they got out of the dark, depressing motif about halfway through the season. Finale 7/10, season 7/10.

CSI Miami: Great finale, as three major storylines (Horatio's brother, the Callie/John relationship and Horatio's on-again/off-again flirtation with Yelina) all come to a conclusion. Callie is set up for a major storyline to start next, as she appears to have left CSI following Hagen's downward spiral (takes evidence from a crime scene, holds a cocked pistol to Callie's head, finally kills himself in front of her). Also, Delko and Wolf should have a good, competitive line for next season too, assuming Wolf survives his apparent leaking of secret evidence to a reporter via what could only be pillow talk. Finally, the wrap-up of the storyline around Horatio's brother was brilliant. Excellent third season for a show that started on the downer of killing off my personal favourite CSI, Tim Speedle. Finale 9/10, season 10/10.

CSI Vegas: The finale was the BEST...EPISODE...EVER. Een without the hand of Tarantino on it, this one would have rocked bells. Actually, the only problem with it was the one scene that smacked of Tarantino's hand. Those who saw it know what I'm talking about. Tense, tense episode, as Nick is buried alive in a plexiglass coffin. The CSI's are give a link to a website where they can click on a link to turn on a light in the coffin so they can see Nick. Only problem is that every time they turn on the light, Nick's air supply gets shut off and it wears down the battery to which both are attached. Just one of numerous twists and turns that keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Great episode for William Petersen's Gil Grissom character as well, as all of his character traits (lip reading, entomology, etc.) are brought into play and the viewer is reminded that Grissom, NOT Willows, is the heart of the show. Season, on the whole, was uneven, with some episodes exploring REALLY disturbing themes (trans-genderism, infantilism) mixed with some interesting inside looks at some of the characters and a few good-to-great episodes (Greg will do just fine in the field). The decision to split up the team led to one excellent episode (where they were broken up) and a whole lot of uncertain ones, as you never knew who would be featured wekk to week. Finale 9.5/10 (dock a half-point for the whacked out autopsy scene), season 7/10.

House: This is the half. I fell asleep for the last half-hour, but my wife filled me in later. As it was, the episode the week before should have been the finale. Good show that will make a great lead-in to 24 next season. Mondays, starting in January, will be the best TV night of the week (House-24-CSI Miami). Finale 6/10, season 8/10.

....and finally........

24: Many have raved about this season and the finale, which I have heard referred to as "gripping", "tense", "exciting". I found it, to put it mildly, disappointing. The missile situation was handled the only way it could be handled, but it seemed a quick end for something with so much dramatic tension riding on it. I also was annoyed by the ending, as Jack now becomes persona non grata and I don't see how the writers fix it to bring him back. I also now hope that Tony, Michelle and Palmer ride off gracefully into the sunset. I am sure many theories will be espoused between now and January about how they set up season 5, but I'll trust the writers to do right by their loyal viewership. As far as the season goes, I think a lot of love was directed the show's way due to the fact it ran uninterrupted for 22 weeks. But I actuall found some episodes BORING, I haven't been able to say that about any of the prior seasons. Now, having said that, a bad week of 24 is better than a good week of just about any other show on TV. So, we'll split the difference and call it an OK season. Finale 6/10, season 7/10.

There ya go.