Monday, June 27, 2005



My goodness, it was hot this weekend. Despite that, Christine and I still spent most of yesterday doing yardwork. Word to the wise, digging up grass is NOT fun work. No complaining though. I spend all winter bellyaching about how much I miss summer. Be a little hypocritical to grump about summer, no?

Anyhoo, if you get a chance today, send up a prayer for travel mercies for my brother, Mike as he and his family are flying to Hamilton for a two-week visit. Gonna be a busy couple of weeks for the whole family, culminating in a three-day reunion up at my brother Mark's cottage outside Huntsville next week.

So, they had the big parade yesterday in T.O. Kudos to Stephen Harper for sticking to his values and ignoring the whole thing, speaking instead to church groups in Toronto about his opposition to C-38. Not that it's going to help him, since you can't win an election without one of Quebec or Ontario. Quebec is solidly Bloc and socially liberal Ontario would rather have the Liberals and their blatant criminal activities in power. Sometimes I want to move to the Prairies.

Lots of fun stuff around the blogosphere lately. I have found my way to two really good spiritual blogs. One, belongs to a fellow named Tim Bailey and another to Erin Wilson. No theological arguments, just discussion on how God is working in their lives. Very encouraging to me. Pay them a visit.

So, that's about it. Think I'm going to be busy the next couple of weeks, so blogging may be minimal. I am going to copy something from Dave Hamilton and Al Baker and put in a section listing what I'm watching, listening to and reading. Just cause I can. Also, I'm about to start designing web pages, as I'm going to put one together for Aidan's preschool. Jason, I may have a few questions for you.

Have a good one.