Sunday, June 12, 2005


Let's play a game

I've been seeing this little tag thing going on at some blogs and, while I don't know how to do it, I thought I might see if I can grow one organically. Here's your hypothetical:

You are asked to move into one room in a house for one year. You can take with you the following:

** Five favourite foods (they would be replenished when they ran out and they're kicking in the staples (meat, bread, dairy and veggies)
** Five favourite articles of clothing
** Five movies
** Five CD's
** Five books

What would they be?

Here's mine:

Foods: Mini-Wheats cereal (if they don't provide milk, they're still good). Peanut butter (hope they provide WHITE bread!! Don't get enough of that). New York steak (assuming I get a BBQ to cook 'em on). Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs. Cherry Pop-tarts.

Clothes: The t-shirt I got from my kids with their handprints on it. My Lou Gehrig NY Yankees shirt. My McMaster MBA program t-shirt. My favourite pair of Nevada jeans and one pair of fleece track pants (LOVE the fleece).

Movies: Oh, my. Field of Dreams (happens to be on as I'm posting), Star Wars (the REAL original, not the Lucas-ized Episode 4), The Two Towers, The Jesus Movie and Bull Durham.

CD's: Bruce Springsteeen:Live in NYC, Michael W. Smith: Worship, Rich Mullins: A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band, Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live and Genesis: Three Sides Live. Supertramp Live in Paris makes the list if I get six.

Books: The Bible (NIV edition), Max Lucado: The Applause of Heaven and Six Hours One Friday, Tom Clancy: The Hunt for Red October, and John Grisham: A Time To Kill (or The Pelican Brief or The Firm, whichever one I grab).

There you go. What would you pick?