Monday, April 26, 2004


Whoops! One more thing

Something some of you may not know is how many of us know each other. Allow me to elaborate:

In 1984, I took on a job at Copps Coliseum working in their food service. Around 1986, this guy with VERY long hair named Jay Forderer was hired. Said about 3 words total in the first year he was there. Shortly thereafter, a young lady named Amy Sloan was hired and rapidly ascended the corporate ladder tto earn the coveted job of "Condiment Girl". While delivering mustard, relish and jalapeno peppers to Concession Stand 3, she often crossed paths with young Jay, in his 3-color polyester work shirt. Jay was responsible for managing the largest concession stand in the joint.

Shortly after the opening of the Coliseum a young kid named Rob McCann was hired. I wound up meeting a buddy of his, Greg Baran, at a restaurant we both worked at in Hess Village one summer. I got Greg a job at Copps and he eventually brought in his buddy, Al Baker, to work there.

Fast forward about 10 years.

Jason and Joanne Silver are hired to serve as Worship Leaders at Philpott and wind up moving into a place where they become neighbors to A lovely young couple, Jay and Amy Forderer who, at the time, have one son, Sam and and another on the way. Around the same time, another couple, Al and Cindy Baker, show up at Philpott.

And now we all blog together. Although we can thank Austin and Jason for starting that trend.

Small world, no?