Saturday, April 17, 2004


Might as well start with the NHL tonight, since it's what I'm going to be talking about for most of my workday on Monday:

- Montreal is a GREAT hockey city. Toronto WISHES they had a crowd like the one at tonight's game. They were cheering, singing, waving towels and raising the roof at the Bell Centre. And the Habs responded, hanging a 5-2 shellacking on Boston and forcing Game 7 on Monday night, which should be a doozy. Crucial game for the Leafs, too, but I'll come back to that.

- My first two missed predictions today, as Philly ousted New Jersey in 5 (which I find stunning) and Colorado had a much easier time than expected, blowing out Dallas in 5. Detroit finished righting the ship today and ran out Nashville in 6. So, I'm 3-for-5 thus far and could make it 4-for-6 in a few hours if Calgary can beat Vancouver and their third-string goalie tonight.

- BIG night for the Leafs tomorrow. Beat Ottawa in Ottawa and call it a series, lose and we get Game 7 Tuesday in T.O. That'll be tough, choosing between Game 7 and 24 at 9 PM, although the wonder that is the VCR helps a lot in that decision. Leaf fans, should T.O. win, will be watching the Montreal game closely. If Boston wins, we get Tampa. If Montreal wins, we get Philly. I prefer Tampa. Although Toronto-Philly will lead to some world-class woofing in my office between a bunch of guys on my floor (myself included). One of these guys is a Philly fan, the rest are GO LEAFS GO, you do the math.

Meant to mention a sad little article I saw in the Metro newspaper Friday. Apparently, a 16-year old boy approached an undercover cop, thinking he was a hitman. He wanted to pay him to kill his mother, which in itself is bad enough. However, it gets worse. Along with the money, a map of his home and a pic of mom, he gave the cop specific instructions to NOT DAMAGE THE FAMILY TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each day God shows me yet another sign that the world is going to hell and we're that much closer to Jesus' return. Can't be soon enough, sez I.

24 is on tomorrow night, and I will have to remember to tape it. This is my new note-to-self service.

Started Warren's Purpose-Driven Life today and read Chapter 1. God has a purpose for my life and that's different than goal-setting. I found this to be a very interesting concept. One day, I'll make sure to put up the story of how I got into Mac's MBA program, which was all the proof I needed to find out that God had a plan for me. I'm excited to see what this book will do in helping me to see God's purpose for my life.

See y'all tomorrow morning.