Friday, April 16, 2004


Quelle semaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wher do I begin......Aidan was sick the beginning of the week. He shared it with Mom, who's now sleeping upstairs and unable to breathe. I got a brief taste of this mid-week, but it hasn't progressed beyond an occasional sneezing fit. So I can live with that.

Good news for the family though, as Aidan officially graduated out of McMaster's Growth and Development program. Those of you reading who aren't aware of the story, Aidan was 10 weeks preemie when he was born in 2001. He weighed all of 2 lbs. 9 oz. (1146 grams) and was slightly longer than my hand from wrist to fingertip. As a result, he was followed pretty closely by G&D (every 3 months in yr.1, every 6 months in yr. 2 and our last visit). They're happy, we're happy, everybody's happy. Of course, they still haven't completed a couple of drug studies Aidan was in (there was a caffeine study and a family life study), but I suspect these things NEVER end.

My aunt (my Mom's sister-in-law) is up for a visit from Massachussets this week and dropped in tonight. We had been warned she was coming a few weeks ago and, of course, promptly forgot about it until yesterday, when Mom called to say they would be dropping by tonight. Naturally, something crops up at work today and I'm late getting home. Nothing like trying to scarf down dinner in 5 minutes before company arrives. Oh, well. Such are the joys of a commuter's life.

I'm doing OK on my hockey predictions so far. Nailed the T-Bay win in five, called the San Jose series but missed on the number of games (I said 6, only went 5). I'm in deep trouble on the Jersey and Dallas series and won't get the game count right in a few others, but not a bad bit of prognosticatin' thus far. UGLY Leafs game tonight, though. Glad I missed the first period and about 8 minutes of the 2nd. Eddie's the MAN, though. And I'll keep saying it, too.

Some fun reading on other blogs lately. Amy, listen to Al. Try the Kreme-filled KK's. They are top-notch. Thursdays used to be a pretty special time around the office, as someone kicked in every week for three dozen KK's for the staff. The person who picked them up has, sadly, left the floor. The person picking them up now is getting the crap from Timmy's and it just isn't the same.

Although Tim's Maple Walnut muffin is a marvy treat. I cannot BELIEVE I just wrote the word "marvy".

Liked Al's little note about Q-107's Van Halen cage match. I am personally a Van Hagar aficionado. Nothing against Diamond Dave and the party era, I just find version 2.0 to be a whole lot more musical. Giving Eddie that second guitar player allowed them to create some cool sonics that just weren't possible in the old days. "Balance", the last Hagar album, had some of VH's best tunes ever including an amazing instrumental, "Baluchytherium". Having said that, the best individual songs are definitely back in the DLR days, with cool tunes like "Jump", "Little Guitars", "Jamie's Cryin'" and "Unchained", to name just a few.

Jason and I have been having a good little conversation over the last few days. I don't think I will meet many worship leaders like Jason as I move through life. He really is responsible for the deep appreciation I have for the power of music and how God can wield that power to such great effect. Keep smilin', my brother.

Anyways, gotta boogie. I should try to get some sleep before Aidan wakes up. Before I go, two things....Austin, I'll be praying for you, my friend. And I'll be making some journal/diary like posts over the next few months. I've started reading "The Purpose Driven Life" and I think I'm going to use this blog to post my thoughts and feelings on the chapters as I read them. I'll try not to get TOO personal.

Later, gators.