Tuesday, April 20, 2004


I love it when I'm wrong......

4-1 Toronto.

How sweet it is.

Tie Domi, you win my respect after a great performance tonight. Patrick Lalime, thank you for once again restoring my faith in your inability to win the big game. Daniel Alfredsson, good riddance. See you next year and we'll do it all again.

I refer you to my earlier predictions:

Ottawa-Toronto is a bloodbath, but Eddie's the difference and the Leafs advance in 7.

Darn RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed-die, Ed-die, Ed-die.

Y'know, I had a conversation with one of my co-workers this morning and we got to talking about the low scoring in this series. Now, I admit to speaking pretty loose after Game 6, but I think I understand a bit better today. Ottawa and Toronto are mirror images of each other in nearly every way, especially how they run their offense. Both teams love to "cycle" the puck (A strategy requiring a number of passes behind the net in an effort to get the other team to chase. Once the chase is underway, free someone up in front for a shot on goal). It's a strategy that does not work if the defensive team is aggressive in their bodychecking and keeps forwards pinned to the boards, which both teams did.

In order to adjust, teams need to take more shots from the boards and the slot, trying to create rebounds and traffic in front of the net. That's a bit jarring to a team who has been loyal to a specific strategy year round. As a result, Eddie got to see just about everything, got a few posts here and there and made more than a few miraculous saves.

Now, Philly.................

Oh, man, this will be tough. Philly plays 180 degrees opposite of Ottawa. They love to bang and crash, create traffic in front of the goal, look for rebounds and collect junk goals. The Leafs have to play much tougher and faster against Philly to have a chance. A return by Sundin and Nolan would also help. But that's tomorrow's worry. Tonight, it's time to savor the moment and look forward to all kinds of possibilities in the future.

But, MAN, is the woofin' going to get loud in the office the next two weeks.

Back later with a 24 update.