Saturday, April 24, 2004


Pops 'n' Buzzes

.....floating around in my skull.

So I got my hands on the first CSI computer game. Holy smokes, is it addictive. I've played 2 of the 5 cases on the game and so far have burned up 5 hours over three days. Methinks I may need a break tomorrow. Actually, Christine's threatening to bet me I can't stay off the computer for an entire day. Might be worthwhile taking her up on that one :-).

I'm having fun checking out Amy's blog with all her references to fun '80's songs and it got me thinking about a few tunes I went out of my way to find, like:

The Politics of Dancing
Mother's Talk
I Go To Pieces (Which I heard on JACK-FM today)
The Glamorous Life
Looking for a New Love

Now, let's see who's got the heads full of knowledge to name the singers. You have until Monday morning, at which time I shall reveal all.

Off day tomorrow. GO LEAFS GO! T-Sound's busting out a new piece in Service 2 tomorrow, so it might be worthwhile to come out and hear it. It'll either be amazing or cause people's ears to bleed. It's all in God's hands.