Thursday, April 22, 2004



One of the signs of good entertainment is its ability to wake you up when you're tired. Case in point, if I'm laying on the couch watching sports (with the exception of the Leafs in the playoffs), I guarantee I'll be asleep within 30 minutes.

Last night, I nodded off in my easy chair before Aidan went to bed. After he and Christine called it a night, I still had a bunch of chores to do around the house (dishes, clean cat boxes, tidy the family room, laundry). I finished those at about 11:30 last night and was ready to crash. Then I thought, I still haven't watched the last two episodes of 24 yet.

At 1 AM, I was still awake.

This year, I thought the show was losing steam based on the first 6 episodes. However, the intensity level at this stage is the highest I ever remember. I was shocked when they actually went through with the killing of Ryan Chappelle, a character I was really starting to like. The whole thing at the hotel is a major downer and I suspect that the viewer will be rewarded with some real "highs" after such intense lows when the season wraps in 6 more weeks.

Kim (Jack's daughter) is back in the picture in a big way and I think it may come down to some kind of showdown involving Jack, Saunders and their daughters, which should lead to a few tense moments.

Great shows this week. Can't wait for next Tuesday.

Leafs-Philly, Game 1 tonight. We'll see how the series will play out based on tonight, I suspect. GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting sidenote: Senators fired Jacques Martin this morning. I can't say I'm surprised. I had a feeling that the coach that lost the battle of Ontario this year would be out of a job.

Have a good one. Enjoy the awesome weather.