Wednesday, April 07, 2004


LOTS of goodies today.

Item 1 - NHL playoffs start tonight!!!!!

In a related news item, my wife is considering applying for widow's benefits. Here's my predictions:

Eastern Conference

Round 1
Tampa has an easy time with the Islanders. 10 points for Martin St. Louis and Lightning in 5.
Jose Theodore puts the Habs on his back and carries them past the Bruins in 6.
Martin Brodeur is better than Sean Burke and Robert Esche combined and New Jersey blows past Philly in 6
Ottawa-Toronto is a bloodbath, but Eddie's the difference and the Leafs advance in 7.

Round 2
Tampa can't solve Jose Theodore and Montreal shocks the #1 seed in the East in 6.
Toronto finally figures out New Jersey and advances in 7.

Round 3
Toronto and Montreal have a dandy little series that sees Mats Sundin score the series winner in double overtime in Game 7.

Western Conference

Round 1
Detroit learns their lesson about taking #8 seeds lightly and blows out Nashville in 5
Vancouver fails to remember their lessons about goalie Dan Cloutier and bow to Calgary in 6
St. Louis stays as inconsistent as they've been all year in losing to San Jose in 6
Dallas and Colorado have an awesome series, going 7 before Bill Guerin wins the series for Dallas.

Round 2
Detroit, now on a hot streak, blows out Calgary in 4
Dallas and San Jose play a 7 game series of 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 games before Dallas advances.

Round 3
Dallas' tank is empty and Detroit is still revvin'. Red Wings in 5.

Stanley Cup Final
Oh, how I want the Leafs to win this. Not this year. The Wings send their veterans packing after a glorious 6-game series. In the final game, Hull, Shanahan and Yzerman each contribute two points in a 5-3 win. The Wings win another Cup and begin dismantling their high-priced roster before the strike starts.

Item 2 - 24 brings the awesome again.

The first 20 minutes were a little slow, but who cares? The season takes a major turn for the dark as we introduce a suicide solution at the hotel, Ryan acquires a bullseye and a Jack v. Palmer showdown looks to be looming on the horizon. I am absolutely digging Ryan's character as he has moved into CTU's reality seat normally occupied by Tony. Tony and Michelle have the starring role right now in the ending and I find I'm enjoying things more with Jack, for now, in a kinda secondary role. You better believe he's coming to the front in three weeks, after we determine that Michelle's one of the few immune to the virus. RIP, Gael. You had a rough day.

Item 3 - American Idol

How did John Stevens get this far? If you watched last night, I hope your ears have recovered from his wretched Crocodile Rock. On the plus side, George Huff's rendition of Take Me To The Pilot rocked bells. This guy is this year's winner, no doubt.

Item 4 - Bill Gates

Bill Gates has dropped the title of world's richest man, surrendering it to the founder of IKEA. In short, the guy who designed Windows is taking a backseat to the man who covers them. That joke, of course, bites if IKEA doesn't actually sell window coverings anymore.

Item 5 - DVD News

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1 and CSI Miami Season 1 are coming in June. You better believe I'll be checking used stores like mad in the winter for them. And don't forget the original Star Wars trilogy in September. Check out the post today at The Digital Bits for information on extras.

Lastly, where is everyone? All the blogs I check daily have had hardly any posts in the last few days. I NEED MY FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone needs me, I'll be in rehab.