Wednesday, March 17, 2004


So, I'm sitting here in my snow globe with a lot of stuff running through my head, like.....

Will somebody out there please help me get rid of these irritating Messenger Service pop-ups I keep getting? I'm running Ad-Aware at least once a day and updating it regularly, but there's about 7 or 8 pop-ups that keep coming up regardless of Ad-Aware having just scrubbed all the data miners from my system.

Why is it that year-in and year-out the Leafs make what look to be great trades at the dealine only to start losing? They gagged against Pittsburgh, needed a miraculous comeback to beat Buffalo and then lost to Boston last night. Now it's Philly, Colorado and T-Bay the next three games. Good thing Ottawa sucks right now, otherwise 4th place in the East would only be a distant dream.

Today's the big day for members of the Christian Rotisserie Baseball League. The CRBL is a fantasy baseball league I've been running for nearly 10 years. A number of Philpott folks are in it, as well as my brother Mike from Saskatchewan and my brother-in-law, Duane. In past years, we've used a straight draft system, but this year we're going to an auction for the first time, which has my good friend Peter Boughan somewhat apoplectic. Today, the big Fantasy Preview issue of Sports Weekly comes out, which will be the primary research guide for the guys. The draft is next Friday night at Scott Radley's, which I'm quite sure Monica is excited about (HA!)

The Passion of the Christ is #1 for the third straight week. There's a very cool site I visit (, which documents day-by-day box office performance and, after yesterday, Passion's total gross is $267,681,000 after 20 days in release (average >$13 million per day). That's a LOT of witness opportunities. However, I hope Mel can relax his love of graphic violence enough to do the necessary sequel, The Resurrection of the Christ. Now I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know how much the film deals with the Resurrection but, really, that's the part that matters. If Christ doesn't rise from the grave on Easter Sunday, death is not defeated and we have no message. I appreciate how much Christ suffered for my sins and how He gave His life for me (and if you want to make that really impacting on a personal level, read John 3:16 out loud and substitute your name for the phase "the world"), but I believe that the RESURRECTION is what really matters as Christ defeats the grave and Satan. That is where hope lies for me. Anyone who has seen the film, send me a note and tell me how much of the resurrection is presented. I'm curious to know. BTW, if you're going to write back and give me a hard time for not seeing the film, it's not as important to me to see it. I KNOW full well what Christ experienced and if you REALLY want to get a feel for it without being numbed by the visual violence, read "6 Hours One Friday" by Max Lucado. That'll really drive it home for you.

OK, that's it for now. Time to shovel.