Monday, March 08, 2004


I really want to find a way to create a distinctive voice and, given the collection of great blogs I've been introduced to, it's going to be hard to find something distinctive. Fear not, loyal readers, I have an idea.

For the 6 of you that actually read this site, you also read Austin's blog (which wins best research), Jason's blog (best variety of comments) and, if you're not reading Amy's blog (flat-out funny), why not? Since I don't want to play in these sandboxes (not enough time or attention span to match Austin's thoughtful, well-researched prose, not enough depth of spirit to match Jason and can't bring the funny like Amy), we're going to try our hand at a few different goodies. Any comments are welcome and encouraged.

News Item: Martha's guilty, guilty, guilty
Oh my goodness, people will have fun with this. Guilty on all counts. One juror, interviewed after the trial, said that Martha has made a career out of micro-managing everything and he just could not accept her "fogginess" around the circumstances of her ImClone sale. Maybe she should have let Kenneth Lay serve as her stockbroker. He hasn't recalled a thing for years :-)

News Item: Shareholders fail to endorse Michael Eisner as CEO of Disney
At the annual meeting last week in Philadelphia, shareholders returned a strong vote of non-confidence, voting only 43% in favour of returning Eisner to Disney's board of directors. Many large shareholders are also demanding he step down as CEO sooner rather than later. Well, he burned just about every bridge he had, has a franchise (Winnie the Pooh) tied up in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit, and couldn't bring Pixar to heel. The first quarter of the year was a winner, but analysts say it's not sustainable. The guy cannot win. Personally, I think the whole thing is a back-channel coup d'etat led by Jeffrey Katzenberg. Maybe if Eisner appeared at the annual meeting in a Mickey Mouse outfit, everyone would have forgiven him.

News Item: Sheila Copps cries foul
Sheila is to politics as Martha is to stock trading. She has ridden other's coattails for decades (first daddy Vic's, then John Munro's, then Chretien's) and she's finally being exposed as a fraud. There was no way she would go quietly into the sunset along with Chretien. Kudos to Paul Martin for revealing the empress has no clothes (THERE'S and image I don't need). To Tony Valeri, I offer one piece of advice: Stay above the fray.

In other news, Return of the King streets on DVD May 25th (yay!). The best movie of the year will have it's initial two disc release in May and the monster release (the last 4-disc book-set of the trilogy) will apparently happen in the September - November timeframe. I tend to think that it will come out later, rather than sooner, since September 21 is blocked out for Star Wars and Aladdin is streeting in October. Check out if keeping up on the latest in movies coming to DVD and/or the latest in DVD audio is your cup of espresso.

Tomorrow, running commentary on activity at the NHL trade deadline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!