Friday, February 27, 2004


So, Rosie got married yesterday.

I swear, the next time this woman does something without attempting to make it a statement, it will be the first time. I have very specific opinions on the question of governments permitting same-sex marriages, which will be an entirely separate posting, but this woman is just unbelievable.

Not knowing a whole lot about the situation, apparently she married her "long-time" partner. So, they've been living together and only decided to "take the plunge" when G.W. says he supports a ban on same-sex marriages. Anybody else think that she's desperate for the publicity? Oh, yeah, let's not forget that she called G.W. "Vile". John Kerry, there's your celebrity spokesperson.

If there's any doubts about that, let's keep in mind that she had a small private ceremony attended by a 1500-voice Male Gay Choir. Oh, man, South Park could just have a heyday with all of this (attend "Big Gay Al's (Not Really) Small Wedding Ceremonies").

I could say much more, but it might result in my feeling nauseous the rest of the day.