Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Another awesome episode of 24 last night.

Thus far, they've REALLY brushed off the Nina business in favour of going after the virus. I expected half of last night's episode to centre around it, not just the first few minutes. What I really liked about this episode was that it wasn't the Jack Bauer show as Jack is now secondary to the main plot. Seeing Michelle thump Alvers was a lot of good fun, too.

It's too bad Gael's going to die next week. He had serious coolness potential. But, we should get a wicked Tony and Michelle storyline for the home stretch.

All these good points, however, make what's annoying about this season even more so. The baby issue appears to have fallen by the wayside, Andrea Thompson's character mysteriously disappeared after hour 2 or 3, and why have we heard nothing more about the debate that started the day? I'm still not convinced that we really needed Palmer's character this year, unless they intend to somehow do away with Sherry by season-end.

I'm VERY curious to know, however, who Amador was talking about at the start of the episode.