Friday, February 13, 2004


So, I'm a big fan of 24. I watch the show faithfully every week and have since the first ep. of Season 1. I read a review of the show in Entertainment Weekly that said this season was getting predictable.

Well, what did they expect?

When a show is written to take place in a 24-hour day, it's a safe bet that they're not going to stretch out major plot points across all 24 episodes. In each season, the heart of the story is revealed somewhere around hour 16 (Season 1 - arrival of Dennis Hopper as Victor Drazen, Season 2 - Sherry's revelation that the bomb was intended to lead to Palmer's failure as President, basically the most elaborate revenge scheme EVER concocted by an ex-wife).

So we're 13 hours in and, to my thinking, we've just been given the third of three very cool plot twists this season, with Nina's effort to bring down CTU's network. This, along with Tony's stopping the interrogation of Gael and Jack's message to the president (which basically invalidated the first 4 episodes), make this season a welcome addition to the 24 logbook. Here's how I think this all goes down:

Wayne Palmer, working with Sherry, are conspiring to bring down David. Wayne was the one who told Jack about the virus and is running Amador. Sherry is the mastermind behind drawing Milliken into the web of deceit. She encourages Wayne to have an affair with Milliken's wife, knowing the reaction it'll get. This allows her to come back on the scene. They have David running in so many directions, it'll be easy to bring him down. So they think.

As far as Chase's baby goes, anyone want to wager Nina's the mother?