Friday, July 16, 2004



Gonna be an interesting news day, I see. 
Martha Stewart is gonna get sentenced at 10 AM, which I will weigh in on later.   That post will also discuss the lack of a sentence for Toronto dentist/kiddie-porn distributor Dr. Leslie Griesdorf.

Don Cherry fans can relax for another year.  CBC signed him on for this season.  Apparently, he will also be the mediator in the CBA talks between the NHLPA and the league (I made that part up).

Mike Weir posted a respectable -3 in his second round today at the British Open, which has him in the top 10, although a lot of golfers are still out on the course.

Paul Martin will unveil his new cabinet on Tuesday.  Apparently, he has opted for a lovely dark teak this time, as opposed to the blanched oak Chretien preferred.

Al-Jazeera (the Arabic news channel) will soon be available to Canadian viewers.  I wonder if there's a chance they'll be able to get a reporter on the floor of the Democratic National Convention.  The CRTC says that they reserve the right to keep any abusive and/or anti-Semitic comments off the air.  Al-Jazeera will, as a result, be available unedited between 1:30 and 1:33 PM each day.
Thought that would cover things, until I found this bombshell on The CSI fan website:
George Eads and Jorja Fox fired from CSI
Those not in the know, George Eads plays CSI Nick Stokes and Jorja Fox plays CSI Sara Sidle.  They are, probably, the two lowest characters on the CSI roster.  They tried to lobby for more money and CBS said buh-bye.  Good for CBS.  Ensemble characters seem to try this ploy when their shows become more and more popular.  What they fail to realize is that they are part of an ensemble and can be replaced. 

Fans of CSI aren't watching the show to see Fox and Eads, they are interested in the mysteries and the science (although, I must admit to REALLY liking the cast of CSI: Miami).  If they change the players, I'm pretty sure that everyone will adjust to the new players (I think Greg Saunders (the lab rat) will be out in the field this year) and things will carry on.  I much prefer this type of cop show, where the focus is on the cases and less on the people, at least outside of the office.  I can think of only one exception, and that was NYPD Blue, although that show was always more about the relationships within the precinct than the cases they were dealing with.
Anyways, good luck to Jorja Fox and George Eads (who at least has a fallback gig, playing Evel Knievel in a made-for-TV biopic).  I suspect they'll learn the lesson that they are not irreplaceable when CSI remains #1 this season.