Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Looks like I'm moving into an anti-crime blog

Again, from Canoe News.

Can you believe this one? Let's recap the low points of Mr. Martin Ferrier:

1. 60 (SIXTY) Convictions including rape, forcible confinement, assault and arson
2. He refused to participate in any treatment programs while in custody
3. Police believe that he will quickly reoffend
4. Parole board documents quote a doctor describing him as an "incurable psychopath" who wants to be remembered as "Canada's most prolific killer"

and, best of all...............

4. According to his own MOTHER, who is afraid he will commit murder if released, Ferrier "...wants to be as notorious as Paul Bernardo".

There's a guy with high aspirations.

Peel police felt it best to issue a public warning (ya think?). The Peel chief stated that, if anyone crosses Ferrier's path, they should practice "good crime prevention and safety measures".

Isn't that why we have police?

Apparently, he's served his time. 60 convictions isn't enough to put him away for life. So, they put this guy back out into the public, where he will commit more crimes and hurt more people. Then he'll get 5 or so more years and we'll do it all over again. I fear for our society.

Maybe I should talk to my brother about getting a gun.