Saturday, July 10, 2004


Some folks aren't gonna like this

Y'know, Michael Moore has been getting a lot of attention lately. His interpretation of current events, presented in the film Fahrenheit 9/11, is certainly stirring the pot. My question is this.........


In the past 7 days, we have had the outlandish Blackstock court decision, Martin Ferrier's 12 hours in public and now, Tamra Keepness, who is missing in Saskatchewan.

Don't seem to read a lot about this, which I consider much more important.

I have yet, personally, to waste my time writing about an opinionated jerk like Moore. He has his opinions and he believes they're right. So be it. I disagree. Also, so be it.

I encourage everyone who reads this post to pray for Tamra Keepness and her family. Pray that maybe she will be the one that comes back safe.

Later, y'all.