Monday, July 05, 2004


I do not believe this

From Canoe News.

A pair of people who tortured their boys each get a 9-month sentence for doing things to their boys documented in the article and which I cannot repeat without possibly throwing up.

9 months?

Y'know, they are talking about giving Martha Stewart at least 1 year in prison for selling shares of ImClone stock based on an insider tip. These two bright lights torture two boys for much of their young lives and get 9 months each. This time next year, they will be walking the streets free. Anyone wanna wager on the ability of those two boys to walk free of what these two yahoos did to them.

The judge in the case calls the couple's behavior "cruel, damaging and demeaning". However, there is "no evidence" that the couple were sadists.

Guess that makes it alright. If the "evidence" told us they could count to 20 without taking off their shoes and socks, maybe the judge would have reduced the charge to a misdemeanor.

Our penal system is badly screwed up. Maybe it's personal bias, just being a parent, but these two should be put in general population and given an opportunity to leave when they are very, very old (if they survive that long).

Somebody tell me why we as a people don't demand that the governments and the justice system do a more effective job of protecting those who cannot protect themselves?

Makes me want to change careers.