Wednesday, March 31, 2004


So, we welcome back 24 (after 5 weeks of 2-hour American Idol eps). My TV-viewing life returns to normal.

Of course, the show returns with a bang, ratcheting up the tension with the virus officially spreading out into the hotel, the President telling a LIE (Sherry still has him wrapped around her finger), and a rather unpleasant fate for Michael Amador. With Amador's departure, Andrea Thompson's WHO doctor returned after about 10 episodes, explaining her absence as simply no longer being essential to the plot until now. Gotta feel for Tony, though, as he is now on the other side of the worry equation vis-a-vis his wife. I'd have to say that last night's episode was the fastest of the season, as it felt like I'd only been watching for 10 minutes and the show was over. Glad it's back.

BTW, I happened to catch the end of American Idol last night. My goodness, there's some weak talent this year. My wife and I really got hooked last year and were rooting for Clay all the way. We actually blocked out Tuesdays at 8 to watch, which we never do. This year, I saw maybe one or two performers that could hang with Clay and Ruben, but it would be a stretch. Too bad. Hope they do better as the series rolls along.

Baseball season is underway and the abuse has begun. Being a Yankee fan, I walk around my Toronto offices with a big bullseye taped to my chest from April to October. If the Yanks lose, I get abused that they shouldn't lose with all the money they've spent. If they win, I get abused that OF COURSE they should win. After all, look at the money they've spent.

See a pattern?

Anyways, here's my bold predictions for the coming season:

- The Red Sox will win the AL East. The Yankees and Red Sox offenses are a wash and the Sox have a better rotation. Don't worry, the Yanks will easily grab the wild card. Both teams will win 100+ games this year.
- The Blue Jays will break 90 wins and not make the playoffs (see the earlier prediction).
- The Twins will hold off the Royals and Indians to win the AL Central. Next year, though, Cleveland in a walk.
- The A's will win the West as the Angels roster breaks down due to injuries and Kelvim Escobar struggles. Mark Mulder, if he stays healthy, wins the Cy Young this year. If not, Curt Schilling.
- Sox smoke the Twins in the first round. Oakland FINALLY avenges three years of post-season failure and knocks out the Yankees.
- Sox go seven to run out the A's. Curt Schilling outduels Mulder in the 7th game.

National League
- Philadelphia waltzes to victory in the NL East, as the pitching-depleted(!) Braves and the offensively-challenged Marlins (who miss I-Rod and Derrek Lee) fade in the second half.
- Chicago and Houston go to the wire in the Central, with the Cubs winning the division on the final weekend. Fear not, Astros fans, they get the wild card.
- Due to a lack of competition, San Francisco wins the West. Los Angeles implodes, resulting in a huge flurry of trade deadline deals and Arizona will ship out Randy Johnson at the deadline for a package of prospects. San Diego, however, announces their ascendancy with a spectacular August-September run that sees them just miss. Next year will be their turn.
- Houston abuses Philly in the opening round. Chicago does the same to San Fran.
- Bartman is barred from Wrigley for the NLCS and Chicago gets it right this time, as Mark Prior and Kerry Wood win twice each to lead the Cubs to the World Series.

So, one year late, baseball nirvana is reached as the Sox and Cubs battle it out for the series. I think I'll go Cubs, just because I have to make a prediction, but if I'm right to this point, I no longer care who wins, because this is the absolutely best possible scenario.

Not that it matters, because all the goodwill earned by this will get flushed when the strike starts in November. Oh, well.

That's it. I'm out.