Thursday, April 29, 2004



Leafs 4 - Flyers 1

.....and, of course, I didn't see any of it.

Oh well, good for the Leafs showing some spirit and getting the Flyers back on their heels. Repeat the process on Friday and we get us a good ol' best of 3.

Couldn't watch the game last night as I had an amazing visit with Pastor Lane last night. As always, he was willing to listen to what I had to say and we had a great discussion that set some hard targets for some exciting stuff. Gonna be a great summer/fall at Philpott.

Stayed up last night to watch 24. Y'know, I don't think I've ever had an actual "hate" for a bad guy in a show, but I'm working up to one now. Stephen Saunders is one bad man, and it's a shame they're probably going to have to kill him off at season end, because he'd be a good nemesis to bring back in the future (MUCH better than Nina). Shockingly ham-handed writing, though, when it came to Chloe, who was clearly marked as a traitor. It's not like the writers to be so obvious, but then again they could be setting the viewers up for a swerve and the bad guy is really Adam. I especially liked the way they set the last 30 minutes up as if Saunders was going to try to snatch his daughter back (and get Kim in the deal), but he was really targeting Michelle the whole time. I said it before and I'll say it season of the show, hands down. And it was just announced that they've been renewed for next year.

I'm having lots of fun with these '80's quizzes, even if Austin was too busy playing with Lego to listen to the radio. Here's some more dandies from the archives:

Sussudio (an easy one to start you off)
Hey Ladies
Oops Up
Brilliant Disguise
Metal Queen (today's Canadian content)
Silent Lucidity
Pump Up The Volume
How Soon Is Now?

Answers Friday. Have a good one!