Wednesday, September 07, 2005



First things first, click on any of the links below to contribute to Hurricane Katrina relief:

Image hosted by - American Red Cross
Image hosted by - Feed The Children

Donations are also accepted at all Canadian bank branches

These links will remain up near the top for the next little while along the left side of the page.

You will also find, on a far more trivial level, a link to my newest addiction (like I need one more). Check out SuDoku. For the numbers-obsessed in the audience, you will become addicted.

More news.....

The family is all healthy again. Thanks for your prayers.

Media Rants is getting a lot of hits since I posted my fall TV schedule. In checking out why, I find (via SiteMeter) that, when searchers on MSN type in 2005 Fall TV premieres, my site is in the Top 10, so lots of visits. Guess I had better keep up on the content. Not quite like it was when Austin was "Insta-lanched", but cool nonetheless.

Speaking of The Transplanted Texan, I joined Austin and four other friends for a game of Risk last night. I haven't played in years and had a lot of fun. Took 3 and a half hours, though, and we didn't even finish. Good times nonetheless.

Jason took his first crack at preaching at church on Sunday and did very well. Lots of strong Biblical content serving as the foundation for a great, back-to-basics message that, I think, most everyone could (and should) take something out of.

More later.