Thursday, September 01, 2005


Two things.....

First, yet another reason why I hate the Toronto Sun. Today's Toronto newspapers are all focused on the damage wrought by Katrina in the Southern U.S. and how people are banding together to help out. What's on the front page of the Sun? Bitching about high gas prices. Selfish bastards.

Second, I am a small voice in the wilderness here, but I want to issue a challenge to G.W. Bush. When the tsunami tragedy happened in Asia, the Red Cross and many other humanitarian agencies were very aggressive in setting up charities and providing assistance to those in need in these second- and third-world countries devastated by the tsunami. I don't think they should be as aggressive in response to Katrina and the reason is simple. This tragedy happened in the richest nation in the world and if George Bush is the God-fearing man he says he is, he will lead the charge in ensuring that the richest country in the world FINDS ALL THE MONEY AND RESOURCES IT NEEDS to ensure that every person who lost their home gets a new one built, that a quality of life is provided during the rebuilding and that everyone is protected from the underworld element that sees this as a time to loot, pillage, steal and otherwise hurt the innocents who saw their lives ripped out from under them by this hurricane. I think there should be enough money in the U.S. coffers to cover this and to show the world how a government FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE should relly work.

Oh, and one more thing, please check the Prayer Request below for another update. It appears that our family is not yet done with the barf bug.