Sunday, August 28, 2005


Prayer Request

Actually, two of them. First, my youngest boy, Aaron, is at the hospital with Mom right now. We've endured two days of barfing and general lethargy (surprisingly, no fever) and broken sleep. The wonderful docs at our clinic decided to have him checked and even called ahead to Mac to let the on-call pediatrician know we 're on the way. Please pray for Aaron and Christine. Updates as events warrant.

Update: Christine and Aaron came home at about 4 AM Monday morning. Aaron had an intestinal blockage which was cleared up. He's on limited liquid feeds (e.g. formula, PediaLyte, water) and is quickly getting back to his old self. Thanks for the prayers.

Update2: Christine and Aidan are now both sick with a variation on Aaron's illness. Please pray for them and for our poor house, as I am now the primary housekeeper/caregiver.

Second, please pray for Jason and Joanne Silver's beautiful little girl, Grace, who was in the hospital Friday with dehydration. Updates can be found at Jason's Blog.