Thursday, February 24, 2005


Quick thought on AI and 24

Watched both last night and have the following to say:

Lost a final 8 candidate last night (Melinda), but I don't feel too bad because I just put her in there to balance. The other three girls I have selected are miles above the competiton, but Mikalah better smarten up and I now think that Carrie is a top 8 lock.

Absolutely HORRIBLE way to send Judd packing. I think Seacrest is having a little too much fun eliminating contenders. If I'm Judd, I just walk off the stage.

Christine and I were discussing why the eliminated contenders are made to sing one more time. Christine thinks it's unfair, I think it's teaching these kids how to deal with rejection and failure and to keep focused on the goal. Any thoughts out there?

Another placeholder of sorts for 24 this week, as Tony returns to CTU, Erin is feeling pushed aside and we get rid of two key bad guys, as the mole and Daddy Dearest get wiped out. Curious to see how Audrey's hubby and the bald bearded guy fit into things over the next two weeks.

More later.