Wednesday, February 16, 2005


More TV That I like

Hello, my name is Brian. I am an American Idol addict.

Christine and I started watching AI in they Clay/Ruben year (we both were rooting for Clay). Didn't follow it too much last year, although the guy who did the "Like A Virgin" audition is still burned into my brain (unfortunately).

There's something about AI that I like, an honesty to it. It's such a simple premise: sing for a contract, but it's really PERFORM for a contract. The best performer should be the one who wins. There's a few I already like this year and many of the ones I thought were exceptional are still around in the top 24, a complete list of which can be reviewed here. I have a feeling that the American Idol this year will be a male, as the guys who are good are very, very good.

So, here's a bold prediction for the final 8: Anwar, Constantine, Anthony and David for the guys. Nadia, Melinda, Mikalah and Vonzell for the girls. When we hit the final 8, we'll see how I did and I'll do up a final 4 prediction. Maybe I'll have a future handicapping reality shows (HA!)

Hmm, other stuff......

CSI:Miami has really stepped it up the last two weeks. The opening last week, with a girl being killed by a huge python was pretty nifty. They also dipped into identity theft, which was cool. However, a pair of contrived endings sorta wrecked it. I'll forgive them, though, as the show has really gotten back on stride during sweeps. However, I ask again....WHAT is going on with Vegas? Catherine's getting really rhymes-with-witchy, Ecklie's getting way too much screen time and I don't even know who works where anymore. Plus last week's storyline with the adult baby stuff was two steps beyond way too weird. Makes last year's episode about people dressing in critter costumes seem well-adjusted. Jury's still out on CSI:NY, but it's winning me over slowly. The Tanglewood ep two weeks ago was great and last week's was pretty good too (although I won't be buying second-hand anytime soon).

I finally broke down and got hold of season one of The Sopranos last week. I can't afford the $100/season price tag, but the Library carries it. It is probably up in the top 5 in terms of rawness (lots of language and pretty graphic violence), but MAN, is it addictive storytelling. I'm a sucker for cop/mob drama and The Sopranos is one of the best. If you don't like strong material, stay away. But, if you can see beyond the rawness to the story and characters, it's a pretty good story.

OK, enough TV. How about some REAL comedy:

I am probably going to take a long time to go back to watching the NHL when it comes back. The last two weeks have just been a total grandstand show that has probably wrecked any casual fan's desire to come back and may have even done some severe, if not irreparable, damage to their hardcore fanbase. After 6 months of nothing, everybody suddenly is willing to negotiate at the last minute. Then, the day after Bettman's cancellation announcement, here come Lemieux and Gretzky on their white horses to try and save the day. Where were they in September? I am disgusted with both sides in this tale (as I said to my sister and brother-in-law earlier today, Bettman and Goodenow could screw up a 2-car funeral) and I hope that the NHL dies (in its current incarnation) dies a slow, painful, public death. Then it can be resurrected as a 15- to 20-team league playing about a 60-game season and an 8-team playoff. I could live with that.

Finally, I was almost applauding last week over Wal-Mart's decision to close a store in Quebec. If ever a place needed to be unionized, it's Wal-Mart. I think that their decision to close a store in Quebec that wanted to unionize speaks volumes for how much they really care about their employees and customers. Wal-Mart has made its mark by undercutting everyone on price. However, they have done so much damage to the retail world in establishing their dominance. It's getting late and I need to sleep, so I won't be going into a long rant here, but I will someday. Suffice it to say this: I would put money on the possibility that Wal-Mart will be unionized by 2010 (both in the US and Canada) and they will be forced to compete on equal footing with both Target and Zellers.

OK. Gotta go. Need sleep.