Tuesday, February 15, 2005


....and here's where it ends

I really didn't want things to get adversarial, but now I understand why discussions around one's spirituality are often avoided at parties. Fact of the matter is, what we believe and our relationship with a higher diety (whether God, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, take your pick) is a deeply personal choice that goes a long way in defining who we are.

So I'm done. Suffice to say the following: I will try to make a visit to the Freeway cafe when it's done and I hope that Dave and I will meet face-to-face and we can encourage one another.

Al's right, too. Philpott is really wrestling with a number of issues, the biggest being how can we be relevant to the modern issues while not alienating "traditionalists" (I now actively hate that label). Our contemporary (early) service is a tremendous time of worship and I have really seen our church grow relationally since our study of The Purpose Driven Life. I have, in these discussions, really given short shrift to the hard work and effort Philpott's leadership and congregation have put into seeking God's plan for our church and trying to transform it so that we can continue to boldly proclaim God's message in the future.

But, and again, it's a big but, I have my beliefs and I think that the Bible makes things very cut and dried. We needed the sacrifice of Christ for today and for eternity. There's nothing more to it than that. I will worship first and foremost at the feet of Christ and look forward to the day where I am with Father, Son and Holy Spirit in glory. I believe that the Gospel must be boldly proclaimed in an unvarnished fashion with no fear. We must never adapt the Gospel to our lives, but rather change our lives to honor the Gospel.

Salvation first, all else second. THAT'S what I believe.

Blessings to all.