Sunday, February 06, 2005



Big day in the sporting world today.

For those reading with no plans for the evening, please consider yourself invited to Philpott's 9th annual Superbowl party. We have the game on a huge screen, great food made on-site by chef Anthony Merino (featured item tonight: pulled pork sandwiches), awesome prizes (including NFL jerseys, EA Sports computer games, Canadian Tire gift cards and a spectacular grand prize) and a halftime show free of wardrobe malfunctions. Tickets are $10 at the door and the doors open at 6PM.

As far as a prediction, it's almost impossible not to like New England. They are almost clinical in their approach and they know exactly when a team is vulnerable to quick hits. They also excel in the one area necessary to win: ball control. Simply put, this team is not prone to making mistakes, especially when they have the lead. The only way I see Philly winning this game is if they score on their first two possessions, keep their emotions in check and keep their defensive schemes well disguised. If they allow New England to keep it simple and keep moving the chains (keeping the Philly offense on the bench), it will be a very long day for Philly and the viewing public.

I think Andy Reid will have the Eagles ready, but I also think they'll make the early mistake that leads to Patriot points and we'll wind up with a lower-scoring version of the Pittsburgh - New England game. Call it 24-17 Patriots.