Monday, August 16, 2004


Time to defend my position

So, I had a great discussion with my buddy Austin on Friday about censorship where I had to thoughtfully defend my position on supporting the yanking of Quebec radio station CHOI's license by the CRTC. There are numerous articles on this issue and a lot of upset people.

Once upon a time, I used to be firmly in the court of opinion that said "If you don't like it, change the channel". L. Brent Bozell, the president of the Parents' Televeision Commission (PTC), was among those at the forefront of demanding greater controls over entertainment back in the mid-90's, when the PTC began issuing a 10-best/10-worst list of TV shows. When Bozell began this, I was saying to myself "Can't you just watch what you like and leave the rest of us alone?".

Now, I think a little bit differently.

Let me tell you, God has done some real work in my heart since the birth of my son. I have always liked movies and TV shows that are a little bit "edgy". I freely admit to enjoying things like pro wrestling, darker films (especially cop thrillers) and darker TV shows (see my earlier post. However, I don't see the humour in things like targeting children, the disabled and others who cannot defend themselves. This is where my line is drawn, and it has especially crystallized since my son was born.

I have vented at numerous times about how I am beyond disgusted with the poor job our justice system does of protecting our children. I APPLAUD the efforts of the CRTC to pull CHOI's license, based on a couple of things I read. There is an article (from Canoe) regarding CHOI radio that states:

Most of the complaints related to comments made on the station's weekday morning show suggesting that psychiatric patients should be gassed and that most African students at Laval University were the children of cannibals.

I am tired of grown adults preying on those who cannot defend themselves, whether for humourous (or far darker) purposes. To allow people a public platform to present such views is, in my mind, reprehensible.

I recently received a book in the mail from Promise Keepers Canada called "Breaking the Da Vinci Code". The letter enclosed with it stated that Dan Brown's novel "The DaVinci Code" constituted a powerful threat to Christianity and PK supporters must be ready to defend the Gospels against the threat presented by this book.

Um, it's FICTION!!!!!!!!

PK, and other Christian organizations, I think, should be using their clout to get behind protecting those who cannot fight for themselves. We need to help the sick, the needy, the disenfranchised, the children of this world. That is what I believe Jesus' ministry was all about. We should be using our energies to speak out against people like CHOI's DJ's, who make such shameless commentary on the radio. We should be standing up for the two boys in Blackstock, who were tortured by their "parents" for years. We should be making a greater effort to make our neighborhoods safe for our kids. We should be out there feeding the hungry, helping those who CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. If CHOI won't suspend/fire the DJ's who made the comments, yank their license. That's what the law is there for.

I'm kinda all over the place here, but this whole issue has stirred up a real passion for change within me. God is leading me somewhere here, but I'm not sure where. Until I find out, expect more stream-of-consciousness stuff to flow.