Thursday, July 22, 2004


Another busy news day

Let's see, what has caught my eye:

Visa Student charged in Cecilia Zhang murder

Looks like a feather in the caps of the Toronto and Peel police forces as they look to have a pretty good case against Min Chen. Chen apparently knew Cecilia and it is believed that she was comfortable around him. Motive has not been revealed, but I'm glad something has broken in this case. Does nothing for the family, though, and kudos to the police for acknowledging that. If found guilty, I'll put the over-under on sentencing at around 5 years (knowing our great and wise justice system).

Molson and Coors announce merger

So the 3rd-largest U.S. brewery merges with one of the largest in Canada. I can't say the largest because Molson and Labatt are still pretty even in market share. Molson currently is the licensed brewer of Coors product in Canada. Combined, the new company (Moors?) is still 5th largest, although they hope to cut costs by $175 million. Apparently, there is still concern that someone could bust up the marriage between the two companies (Ian Molson, cousin of chairman Eric Molson, is reportedly on the verge of putting a $4 billion bid together to buy and privatize Molson).

Lesbian couple seeks divorce

Anyone not see this coming? Apart from the legislative branch, that is? The couple in question were married for 5 days before initiating divorce proceedings (no, Rosie O'Donnell is not one half of the couple). The couple is not being named in the media. Some great quotes in the article. First, from one of the lawyers involved, Julie Hannaford:

"You can't say to people that we're going to punish you for being in a same-sex marriage by never allowing you out of that marriage," she said.

"That just doesn't make sense."

And, just in case there was any doubt where the Amazing McGuinty stands:

For his part, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty suggested Wednesday that the case should be allowed to continue.

"We certainly support same-sex marriages and logically what flows from that are divorces," he said.

Mother of Tamra Keepness loses all her kids

I honestly don't know what to make of this. Apparently, there is concern for the safety of the other children, but it sure looks to me like they're trying to smoke out the mother or some other family member. This is a story that grows weirder by the minute.

In other (non-important) news, I was happy to hear that Reiko Aylesworth, who played Michelle Dessler the last two seasons on 24, will be added to the CSI:Vegas cast. Aylesworth was definitely one of my favorite actors on 24 and, while she'll be missed there, I'd much rather watch her than the eternally-depressed Jorja Fox. Also, I'm going to be seriously overdosing on CSI come September, as it's been announced that CSI:Miami starts Monday, September 20, CSI:NY starts the 22nd (looks like the West Wing just got dumped from my schedule) and Vegas kicks off on the 23rd. Mondays are shaping up to be great TV nights again, as 24 is apparently moving to Mondays in January.

Well, that's enough for today. See y'all later.