Sunday, June 13, 2004


Couple of small things

I figure I had better publicly respond to Austin's points here:

Austin rightly questioned my "soft touch" on Paul Martin who, as finance minister, has to assume some culpability in the Adscam issue. The point I was trying to make is that the party leader is the public face. Given that Adscam was going to break sooner or later, the Liberals were going to take a massive public hit. Compounding that was the mishandling of McGuinty's first Ontario budget. Chretien clearly saw the writing on the wall and opted to leave ahead of the avalanche. He received a glorious sendoff and Martin is going to be pointed at as the leader that was at the wheel when the Liberals were tossed from the seat of power. Chretien's legacy will suffer, but nowhere near the degree it would have had he stayed for one more election.

I agree with Austin that Martin was either incompetent or lying with regards to his role in Adscam. Either way, he's not who I want in the PM's chair. Sadly, can't say I hold too tightly with Harper either. I will be riveted to Tuesday's debate, as I expect to make up my mind then.

Finally, in a followup to my movie ratings post earlier, I noticed that Shrek 2 is rated G here in Canada, as opposed to PG in the U.S. More reason not to trust the rating, but instead do some research.

Oh, yeah......Praise God for the safe arrival of Grace Alma Jane Silver. By the sound of things, Mommy and baby are doing fine.