Friday, October 07, 2005


Please pray for me

I have not been to work in the last week. I started to have vertigo/nausea attacks last week and they intensified to a point on Tuesday where I could not lift my head without suffering extreme vertigo after a ridiculous vomiting attack. Things were so bad, Christine had to call an ambulance to the house so I could be taken to emergency. I'm now going to see a Ear-nose-throat specialist on Tuesday (which is EXTREMELY fast) to check whether or not I have an inner-ear disorder. I have not attempted to travel anywhere since the Tuesday attack and will do some short trips this weekend.

Your prayers for me and my family are appreciated. I will update as events warrant.

Update: Things have been pretty good since Tuesday. I had a minor spell Wednesday night, but was able to sleep it off. I have a hearing test scheduled for this Tuesday and my prayer is to go the whole week without a spell.

Update 2: I had another minor spell Monday at work. The hearing test went badly, as my left ear is perfect, but the right's a mess. I'm being scheduled for a head MRI in the next few weeks. I'm sure they'll find nothing.