Saturday, December 18, 2004


Where the heck have I been?

Wow, long time.

Been a very busy boy with new baby, work responsibilities and of course, Christmas. Things have been pretty good, though, all things considered.

Everybody is doing really well. Many of you had the opportunity to meet Aaron at church last weekend and we're all so excited that the quarantine is finally over and our whole family can resume life as we know it. Aaron loves the mall just as much as his big brother does, as the noise and bustle is very soothing to him and he sleeps really well as we make our way around. Christine is happy to be able to resume a more normal (HA!) schedule, but she's still trying to shake a persistent cold. On the plus side, she finally had the opportunity to get back into some ministry work today, as she helped prepare the Christmas hampers for shut-ins and seniors down at Philpott.

On the DVD side of the equation, I added the extended dance remix of Return Of The King and Michael Mann's Collateral to the stockpile. Looking forward to watching them over the holidays (I'm off work from the 24th until January 4th).