Thursday, October 07, 2004



We have had an awesome week. Well, other than the fact I've been sick since Monday and haven't been able to visit my little peanut in the hospital since then.

Aaron is doing so well. He's up to 4lbs. 5oz. as of last night and is off all of his tubes and IV's. He continues to be on a heart/O2 monitor, but they take him off it whenever he's out for a cuddle. Best of all, he's NURSING. The nurses let Christine try Aaron on breast on Monday and he took 4 cc's. As of yesterday, he's up to 15 cc's before tiring. Things are looking real good for an end-of-October trip home.

We had a great family visit last Sunday as we brought Aidan to the NICU to see his little brother. He was so cool, wanting to hold Aaron and giving him a kiss on his head. We got some great family pictures, which I'll try to remember to upload this week and put up on the blog for a couple of days.

We have also been blessed with a great network of support. My boss has approved my working from home two days a week until Aaron comes home, we received wonderful cards and gifts from both Christine's and my workplaces. We've also received a number of cards and gifts as well as some choice meals from our families, our Church family and our friends. Even better, the meals usually wind up taking two days to eat. Good friends of ours, Bruce and Lynn Thomas, brought us a terrific dinner of stew and crusty rolls with a great dessert called an Apple Nest (flaky pastry around a centre of sliced apples covered in applesauce, then drizzled with thick caramel and covered in icing sugar. DROOL!).

As was the case with Aidan, we have felt so comforted by God's hand, as He has surrounded us with so many people providing for our physical needs and so many more praying for and encouraging us. I was astonished to think that there are 5 churches praying for our little family (Philpott, West Highland, FRWY, Grace in Oakville, Park/Brant in Burlington) as well as small groups. How can we worry when so many are supporting us and when God is right there with us all the way?

Please keep praying for us. If you want a specific list of prayer needs, here's a few:

** My health and that Christine would not catch the bug I have and Aidan seems to be starting.
** Aaron has a number of things that still have to be monitored, including:
***** Some swelling around one of his kidneys that may require a procedure when he's a few months older. We will have to see a pediatric nephrologist.
***** A small hole in his heart that is very common in preemies and usually heals itself. Another echocardiogram will be taken before discharge to check on this.
***** Some "gaps" in the plates of his skull that were identified on a head ultrasound. These have to knit together properly to ensure proper brain growth. Again, this is apparently common in preemies and should correct itself, but another ultrasound will be needed.
** Strength and energy for Christine and I to make it through each day.
** That Aidan will adjust well to life as a big brother.

There you go. Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers. Please keep it coming.

Brian, Christine, Aidan and Aaron.