Saturday, December 10, 2005


Looks like I posted a day early

So here's me, Mr. Expert, thinking we're all done with the big flurries of baseball business. Turns out I needed to wait one more day. The complete list of activities can be found here and here.

To recap the impact of all this activity, starting with the AL East:

Boston: A significant trading cycle ends with the departure of Edgar Renteria, swapped to Atlanta for Andy Marte. Marte moves right in at third, and Bill Mueller will move on. Still much to do, including finding a home for Manny Ramirez and deciding what to do with Johnny Damon. Safe bet, though, that any deal involving Ramirez has a ML-ready shortstop coming back. Direction - Up.

New York: Signed Kyle Farnsworth to set up for Mariano Rivera after Tom Gordon walked. This is a good move, as Farnsworth is much younger with a rocket arm that should be enough of a change-in-pace from Rivera that Rivera might get a little of the old mystique back. Still need to find a centre fielder and I am stunned that they offered arbitration to Bernie Williams. Thought they might have tried harder with Juan Pierre. Cut ties with Tony Womack, which should end any of this Robinson Cano for Torii Hunter talk. Direction - Neutral.

Baltimore: Heading in reverse, despite the signing of Ramon Hernandez. They could not get A.J. Burnett and lost B.J. Ryan, in both cases to division rival Toronto. Now Miguel Tejada wants out. Could a Ramirez for Tejada deal be in the offing with Boston? Direction - Down.

Toronto: Everybody says they're so improved, but it still seems to only be on paper. The Jays paid a lot for Lyle Overbay, but the Burnett signing made Dave Bush expendable and there wasn't a place in the Jays outfield for Gabe Gross. I guess the Eric Hinske era is officially over, unless they intend to package Hillenbrand with an outfielder for another big bat. Hearing whispers, too, that they're in the running to land Garciaparra. Direction - I want to say neutral, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and go with up.

Tampa Bay: The Sean Burroughs for Dewon Brazelton deal looks intriguing. Burroughs and Aubrey Huff will share 3B/DH duties, which spells trouble in the Rays outfield, as there just won't be enough at-bats to satisfy Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli, Jonny Gomes and Delmon Young who, according to reports, is definitely ready to go. I really like the idea of the Yanks shipping a veteran starter (say, Mike Mussina) to the Rays for an outfielder. Direction - Neutral.

I'll do the rest of the AL and all the NL over the next few days.