Monday, May 31, 2004


Been a while

Some odds and ends...........

The home PC has finally irritated me to the point where it was sent in for maintenance this weekend. It's a bit frustrating being forced back to a 56K dialup connection, so I only was on this weekend for odds and ends. Thus, no posting.

Played my first baseball games of the season on Friday and then did housekeeping Saturday and gardening Sunday. Two more ball games tonight and two more Wednesday. I see traction in my future.

I'm skipping the economy argument in my G.W. Bush diatribe, so the next one will be the faith-based leadership argument and a summary which I have already previewed for Austin.

I finally got through watching season 1 of The West Wing on DVD. I hope to do a small review later this week or early next. Suffice to say I now remember why I once thought this to be one of the greatest dramas ever on TV and why I don't feel as driven to watch it now. I borrowed Season 2 and am plowing through it now.

I REALLY liked the ending of 24 this year. It was great to see everything closed off, including Saunders being put down by Gael's wife. The whole bit with Chase, Jack and a fire axe was rather intense and different and I really think they plan to send Tony off into the sunset, which is a bit too bad, but I'll heal. The best part, though, was the final few minutes, as Jack went to his truck and broke into TEARS!!! Then they called to let him know he was needed for an interrogation and the mask went back on. Great finish. Can't wait until the show returns in January 2005.

Looking more and more like a Liberal minority June 28. Looks like we're going back to the polls in 2006 after the first budget gets struck down after a no-confidence vote. On the plus side, we should get some GREAT palace intrigue leading up to then as Martin tries to buddy up to Jack Layton.

I think Calgary has things well under control and the NHL season should end on Friday. Calgary will win tonight, T-Bay will win Wednesday and Calgary will wrap up the Cup (at home) on Friday.

I guess that's it until later.

Oh, did I mention Christine and I are having a baby?